Agile Network: Plug and Play e-Commerce, the Agile Network Way

For over 20 years, hundreds of major brands have turned to Agile Network, LLC for help in automating shipping processes. It’s why Agile Network and their Elite Suite of multi-carrier software solutions have the distinction of earning the highest rank among its competitors by all three of the U.S. parcel carriers: FedEx Diamond Compatible, UPS ConnectShip Platinum Partner and USPS MAC Gold Certified. It’s why Manhattan Associates recently announced that they have selected Agile Network technology to power their omni-channel ship from store solutions.

Our customers can now integrate multi-carrier services within their e-commerce platforms in minutes, instead of months

Their customers appreciate it. “Thanks to Agile Network, we can offer our customers more options. They can receive shipments at home—and on Saturdays—via FedEx SmartPost and FedEx Home Delivery, and pick up orders at a FedEx Office location,” remarked Pete Bertolino, Broder Bros. Corporate Transportation Manager.

Innovation is a key ingredient to Agile Network’s success. Steve Cooper, Agile Network’s Executive Director, describes the impact of a recent breakthrough in integration technology, “Whether our customers ship 50 or 500,000 packages a day, we’ve always found ways to make it easier for them to integrate their ERP and WMS systems with our black box API and pre-built app connectors. But now our customers can embed multi-carrier services within their e-commerce sites in minutes, instead of months. It’s transforming how our customers conduct e-commerce.”

These days, every business is an e-commerce business. Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, distributor or service provider, your customers want to go to your web site, review your offerings, schedule appointments, place orders, and interact with you in every way possible.

Increasingly, customers expect e-commerce sites to provide more convenient and less costly shipping options. As every IT professional knows, it is not easy to integrate carrier rating, tracking, returns, and other carrier web services into e-commerce sites.

There are hundreds of carrier services and more on the way, including in-transit redirect, hold at location, and lockers. Additionally most carrier web services are proprietary and their compliance requirements change frequently. Lastly, with a growing backlog of IT projects to manage, who has the time to keep up with complex shipping rules?

Using HubCapp, a patent-pending cloud integration tool developed by Pierbridge, Inc., AgileNetwork is able to provide their customers with pre-built rating, tracking, returns, and other interactive items including ‘Widgets’ that plug seamlessly and securely into e-commerce web pages. HubCapp enables Agile Network to augment customer experience on the front end, while automating shipment processing on the backend.

What does this mean for IT managers? Customers can go to your web site using any work station or mobile browser and within a few clicks create a return label, schedule a pickup, or track a shipment. IT managers no longer have to worry about carrier rate changes, certifications, or approval processes. They just plug and play.

Widgets aren’t just for retailers or e-commerce companies. Pittman Dental, Inc. recently embedded an Agile Network shipping Widget within their site that enables hundreds of their dentist customers to ship molds to their lab. This capability has reduced administrative costs, improved customer service, improved in-bound visibility and increased web site traffic, which is helping Pittman sales and improving search engine optimization.

Agile Network continues to find new and innovative ways to make it easier for IT managers to adapt transportation capabilities into front end and back end processes, across the enterprise and beyond. That’s why Agile Network’s motto is Ship Better. Save Money.