Aljex Software: Providing 3PLs with High- Power Cloud-based TMS

In today’s unpredictable economy, shippers are hoping to gain an upperhand over their opposition. The greatest obstacle for logistics and transportation managers continues to be delivering an item to the client in the most efficient, consistent, and quickest way. In this race, many organizations are outsourcing their entire or part of the transportation operations to third party logistics (3PL) providers. “In this rat-race, the 3PLs have to maintain their IT spending and figure out a way to keep growing. They have to constantly evolve and present clients with innovative solutions,” says Tom Heine, CEO of Aljex Software, with a comprehensive understanding of the brokerage business. Heine expresses, “Imagine sending load offers to selected carriers, and even getting them to bid on your loads—all without picking up the telephone or doing those lengthy internet searches.”

Aljex empowers 3PLs with high-power cloud-based Transport Management Software (TMS) including the latest technologies at a fraction of the cost of an installed system. “Our customers get daily software updates, all included in their membership cost,” adds Heine. “Aljex is ‘cloud computing’ with built-in ‘crowd improving’.” The crowd improving feature of the software benefits every client—if a feature is added for one client, the entire structure is improved. Aljex’s ‘crowd improving’ accelerates development, making the company’s software the most rapidly evolving transportation management technology in the market.

As your business changes, we are there to help

Aljex also offers brokers a seamlessly integrated solution to manage their Full Truckload (FTL) service or Less- Than-Truckload (LTL) and/or 3rd party rates through application program interface (API) and contract management options. The platform provides automatic retrieval of least cost rating along with backup documentation and a customer portal for quotes, shipment execution, tracking, and reporting. On the other hand, the company’s
Tom Heine, CEO, Aljex Software IncTom Heine, CEO
Intermodal-offering helps clients track multiple pickup and delivery points and carriers. According to Heine, inspection is one of the major areas where the company has invested to make the process easy, flawless, and integrated with the rest of the supply chain cycle. An illustration of Aljex’s competency in the inspection arena would be, the company helping a major motorcycle manufacturer in the U.S. The client needed a way to track and inspect motorcycles starting from the assembly line to the distributor’s warehouse, and then on to the dealers. Aljex built a custom design around the client’s needs, enabling the workers to scan the bike’s Vehicle Identification Number bar-code, scan it in and out of trailer manifests and warehouses and Aljex can also inspect the vehicle. “Aljex can be granularly customized to your specific business requirements. As your business changes, it only takes a click of the mouse to add a new feature, mode, or permission,” asserts Heine.

The company has also created an Automated Rate Confirmation (ARC) software module to streamline the key elements of everyday carrier-broker interchange for rate confirmation and dispatch. Continuing on their path toward innovation, Aljex is keen on stepping out of the app culture on the mobile phones to introduce simple websites that are compatible with all mobile phones and browsers.“The logistics landscape has turned into an arms race where new features and third party additions constantly crop up. However, we aim to perform more research and development in order to surge ahead in the competition,” concludes Heine.