Axis TMS: Powerful Transportation Management Software for Truckers, by Truckers

Al Ceric, CEO, Founder & Architect, Axis TMSAl Ceric, CEO, Founder & Architect If there was one thing that Al Ceric remembers from his days as an owner of a trucking business, it was the fact that every day came as a moment of realization and inspiration for breaking the status quo of the industry. “I had to oversee different tasks such as order requirements, software, providing updates, and lots of manual paperwork, and I used to think, if only I had a system that could simplify and automate these tasks, my life would have been so easier,” says Al Ceric, the CEO of Axis TMS. Over the course of next years, as Ceric interacted with various C-level executives, it became quite clear to him that there is an ample amount of frustration shared by the entire transport industry as users have to deal with multiple tools and interfaces manually. It was this stimulant that propelled him to found Axis TMS, a company dedicated to creating a system that can automate the majority of transport management tasks. Ceric established Axis TMS to integrate all ends of the transportation industry, simplify manual work, increase productivity, and operationalize trucking businesses proficiently.

According to Ceric, Axis TMS’ unique value proposition is its one-stop-shop flagship solution, the Axis TMS Pro. “We have built the product by referring to years of personal notes and doing business functions manually. Nothing simply runs your complete business in one centralized place. Our goal is to simplify and relieve the stress in all aspects of getting the job done in the transportation world,” he states. No wonder Axis TMS had to its name 500+ trucks and an influx of customers within short time of its release.

Order progress data and tasks specific to each department are collected by Axis TMS Pro in a simplified manner. The platform offers a dispatch feature through which clients can create or review new orders, view drivers’ real-time location and order status (on route on time, delayed etc.), and ensure shipment delivery. With alerts on trucks, shipments, and upcoming tasks, it allows trucking companies to manage their organization by having Axis TMS handle the updates and helping them keep track of orders automatically. It’s fairly simple, you’d configure your company settings, add drivers and employees and set compensations. Moreover, Axis TMS enables businesses to know their estimated costs prior to assigning a shipment.

The Epitome of Simplicity

Through its powerful and all-encompassing embedded tools, Axis TMS Pro empowers clients to manage their organizations without leveraging or integrating a third-party software.

The Axis TMS Driver app is available on Apple or Android smartphones, paving the way for flexibility

In case, the clients use a specific telematics provider, the platform can integrate the software readily. “We are focusing on providing an all-in-one solution which includes hardware, add-ons, and apps according to the customer,” says Ceric. While the solution simplifies the entire transport management process, it also provides features for mobile app document scanning, shipment ETAs and updates, compiling documents and billing, creating reports, and managing payroll processes for drivers, employees, and sub-contractors.

Axis TMS Pro collects data and trigger points from deep within its platform as quick as a second-by-second basis for each customer. Ceric explains, “Axis TMS Pro benefit from more simplicity in running their tasks without the headache of forgetting or writing reminders, etc. Each department’s duties are more sorted and categorized for the employees to undertake.” The platform can also send alerts to companies on important due dates and critical actions, preventing equipment being taken out of service.

"We are simple, fast and easy to use, and we will continue to embark to a greater TMS provider"

In addition, the firm has developed an app, especially for drivers to allow them to view each order and offer trip pay breakdown on completed orders. Drivers receive push notifications on assigned shipments and GPS route guidance to deliver shipments. Axis TMS also provides its customers with the in-cab tablet experience, which has an Axis TMS Pro Driver application accessible from a touchscreen tablet and is provided on different pricing options including a month to month lease. “The Axis TMS Driver app is available on Apple or Android smartphones, paving the way for flexibility. We have a variety of settings that can be enabled from the web on the mobile apps: Tracking Updates / Durations, Require Signature on Stop, Scan Barcodes etc.,” informs Ceric. “Our driver app is focused on document scanning, order management, tracking, status updates, and allows drivers to make requests and inform on breakdowns to the company.”

A Constantly Evolving Solution

Being a customer-centric and innovative solution provider, Axis TMS puts a firm emphasis on reinventing itself according to its clients’ needs. The firm rolled out a massively re-constructed version of its system to adhere to the FMCSA mandates. The hours-of-service feature was integrated into the system to accommodate the new law. Further, Axis TMS has added track-and-trace feature to its solution arsenal, which allows the customers to provide their clients with an app that can track order progress and allows its customers to place orders directly in the trucking company pending order queue.

The firm has also stabilized its system and scaled it to cater to its client needs and requests. “If you’re a customer in our system, we take all your new requirements very seriously and try our best to implement it as quickly as we can,” adds Ceric. Axis TMS has integrations with a variety of3rd party providers and most likely has the add-on module pre-integrated before you request it. The Axis TMS enterprise edition, which allows the customers to utilize their own dedicated server and operationalize branding. “They can customize the platform with their logo, from the web to the mobile apps, this is another step that we have taken to deliver what our customers want,” says Ceric. “We try to release two-three new features every month such that our clients can make the most out of our platform.”

Realizing the paramount role that security plays, Axis TMS has recently implemented fail-over servers on the clients’ end, to provide them with a constant and instant backup. The firm also takes hourly, daily, and weekly backup on multiple sites to secure the data. In addition, Axis TMS employs 256-bit military-grade-encryption and complies with the SSAE-16, PCI DDS AOC regulation.

Surpassing the Success “Axis”

Within a very short period, Axis TMS has become the go-to vendor for the transport industry. The Hours of Service with DVIR, Advanced Remote Diagnostics, vehicle health reports, fault code alerts for preventive maintenance, IFTA, increased safety, and streamlined day-to-day operations features that Axis TMS provide proves to be beneficial for its clients trying to accomplish ELD compliance and run smooth operations. Axis TMS makes the ELD Mandate simple to integrate and provides features which can easily be used by clicking on the ELD option on the driver mobile app which automatically detects the clients’ integration based upon each customer web configuration.

Designed to execute tasks seamlessly and easily, Axis TMS Pro ensures that the clients don’t get overwhelmed with data or involved processes. Ceric exalts, “Axis TMS Pro’s goal is to integrate every element of the transportation industry such as service providers and brokers alike to simplify manual work and increase productivity. We want every angle of the industry to work hand in hand in daily business functions, just as we have done with our auto synchronized over-the-air Driver App.”

In the near future, Axis TMS aims to integrate its accounting module, which will ensure that the clients can take the next step in managing their transport fleet. Another endeavor that the firm wants to embark upon is what Ceric calls, “push to talk” which will provide the clients with an option of real-time radio to talk with the driver. “Our potential customers are aware that we integrate with third parties such as odometer readings, hours of service, on-order dispatch, and they believe that we can deliver according to their needs,” informs Ceric. “We are simple, fast and easy to use, and we will continue to be the synonym to a greater TMS provider.”

- Justin Smith
    July 25, 2018