Axis TMS: Uber for Trucking without Cutting Existing Brokers

Al Ceric, President & Founder, Axis TMSAl Ceric, President & Founder
It is interesting how Uber has revolutionized the way the world hails cabs; all with the touch of a button. Imagine the potential for productivity gains if the same convenience is brought to the world of trucking. Axis TMS is making this a reality without cutting current brokers, but providing Brokers and Carriers alike the ability to offer and assign orders to truck drivers while managing customers’ orders through a single interface. The drivers using the app, just as in the case of Uber, have the option to accept or decline orders based on driver availability. Being the brainchild of Al Ceric, who has vast technology and software engineering experience and was previously the owner of a trucking business, Axis TMS truly solves the plaint trucking businesses experience today. Through interactions with various thought leaders and CIOs in the industry, he has observed that, “The transportation industry is frustrating where users manually deal with multiple tools and interfaces.” Through Axis TMS, Ceric aims at integrating all ends of the transportation industry, simplifying manual work, and increasing productivity.

As a Trucking Command Center that streamlines daily operations, Axis TMS Pro collects order progress data and displays tasks specific to each department in a simplified manner. Through the dispatch feature, clients can create or review new orders, view driver’s real-time location, and ensure shipment delivery. With alerts on trucks, shipments, and upcoming tasks, it allows trucking companies to manage their fleet by helping them keep track of drivers and employees and configure compensations. Moreover, Axis TMS allows businesses to know their estimated costs prior to assigning a shipment. Axis TMS also manages FMCSA compliance by allowing users to fill driver’s qualification details and verifying previous employment.

The Axis TMS Pro platform provides both fleet managers and truck drivers the ease of use to complete their jobs.

Axis TMS Pro is not just a transportation management platform, but a constantly evolving solution. It is trucking software that runs your entire trucking business

The company has developed an app, especially for drivers to allow them to view each order and offer trip pay breakdown on completed orders. Drivers also receive push notifications on assigned shipments and GPS route guidance to deliver shipments. “We also provide our customers with the in-cab tablet experience which has a locked Axis TMS Pro Driver application on a touchscreen tablet. The tablet is provided as a monthly lease,” states Ceric.

While the solution simplifies the entire transport management process, it also provides features for mobile app document scanning, shipment ETAs and updates, compiling documents and billing, creating reports, and managing payroll processes for drivers, employees, and sub contractors. Further, it displays live fuel surcharge updates and integrates it with quote tools. “Axis TMS Pro allows carriers to be more time efficient and productive throughout the entire organization; ranging from employees, truck drivers, and each department within,” explains Ceric.

Ceric says that Axis TMS Pro is not just a transportation management platform, but a constantly evolving solution. “It is trucking software that runs your entire trucking business.” Keeping up with its innovative spirit, Axis TMS is set to roll out a number of enhancements including broker integrations such as a shipment bid network feature that will allow personnel to bid on posted shipments and accept or decline offers on the bid network. Ceric also talks about expanding the capabilities of Electronic Logs feature to include Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) as well as truck sync dashboards for real-time engine truck data and ensure preventative maintenance. Along with these advancements, Axis TMS will strengthen its existing portfolio with a maintenance dashboard called the Repair Shop to handle scheduled maintenance. “We will continue to simplify all daily operational needs in getting the job done in the transportation world,” he concludes.