CAMS Software Corporation: Streamlining Transportation Management Workflows

Brian Taylor, President, CAMS Software CorporationBrian Taylor, President
As grocery chains struggle to find cost-effective means for the multi-site distribution of their commodities, transportation management companies find it difficult to balance price vs. performance. For the past 20 years, CAMS Software Corporation has beat the odds by successfully providing transportation solutions for large-scale grocery distribution. A large part of their progress stems from streamlining the end-to-end transportation workflow. CAMS takes a holistic approach to support grocery distribution centers for optimum delivery by offering competitive technology solutions for driver payroll, dispatch management, and backhaul optimization. The company’s inbound and outbound route optimization and multi-site network distribution functionalities are cloud-driven to support its SaaS-based solutions.

CAMS’s flagship solution, Prospero, overcomes major impediments for large-scale distribution by balancing costs and improving customer experience through efficient route mapping and improved round-trip time. Prospero allows multiple distribution centers to operate a single integrated network, removing operation silos while taking a comprehensive approach to grocery distribution. Prospero consists of a suite of modules— including route optimization, dispatch, backhaul, network distribution, and payroll—enabled within a single system as part of the same database. The solution handles the rules set on a per-client basis, providing them a data-driven model that enhances operations efficiency. With their tailored approach, CAMS minimizes operational constraints for grocery companies by avoiding massive data redundancy scenarios: “CAMS Prospero excels at bringing disparate transportation operations to work in cohesion, managed through a single system,” says Brian Taylor, President of CAMS Software.

CAMS Prospero excels at bringing disparate transportation operations to work in cohesion, managed through a single system

Prospero’s payroll module supports activity-based compensation for large fleet environments. By focusing on activity rather than the number of hours taken by the driver for a certain task, the payroll system works alongside current industry standards to improve driver efficiency.

To bolster the efficacy of its payroll setup, CAMS has built a dispatch system that tracks the associated loads and time schedule, thereby providing detailed information that aids administration in better decision making: The system takes granular information such as the direction of the trip and time of day then passes it to data-hungry dispatchers. “Our dispatch system is uniquely designed to capture drivers’ activities that ultimately ensure accurate payment,” notes Taylor.

Prospero’s backhaul module is yet another expert tool that increases transportation management productivity. Prospero does much more than merely manage your PO’s, it optimizes the entire backhaul process through PO consolidation, appointment recommendations and optimized assignment to outbound loads. Improving backhaul profitability is a great way to offset the ever-rising costs of grocery distribution.

CAMS Software’s solutions are used by the largest grocery operations in the country largely due to their relentless commitment to innovation and process improvement. Large scale grocery distribution is filled with nuances and idiosyncrasies such as temperature and time-sensitive perishable product, union labor with collective bargaining agreements, round trip distribution models, etc. CAMS Software understands and accommodates these challenges and complexities inherent to large-scale grocery distribution.