Ezlogz: Blockchain-Powered Platform for Fleet Management

CIO Vendor'CJ' Sergey Karman, Founder & CEO
Technical problems with electronic logging devices (ELD), compliance issues caused by changing federal regulations along with various other issues concerning truck drivers plague the trucking business. Ezlogz’s all-in-one logistics platform based on blockchain technology is a comprehensive answer to all of these challenges. The company is a provider of the first tamper-free ELD with secure and unchangeable data on a decentralized network. Ezlogz’s all-inclusive fleet management software offers a number of in-app features along with supporting five languages which include English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian. The development of this advanced platform is an outcome of 12 years of experience of its Founder and CEO, “CJ” Sergey Karman in various roles in the logistics industry. It was his vision to revolutionize the fleet management industry that led to the foundation of Ezlogz.

The company’s blockchain-powered platform brings capabilities that address all the possible challenges involved in managing fleets. Apart from ELD, it features Point of Interest (POI) Maps, Trip Planner, Social Platform, Document Center, and many other valuable capabilities. POI is a unique easy-to-use map that automatically pinpoints weigh-stations, truck stops, and fuel stops whereas the Trip Planner calculates the time of arrival taking into consideration the weather conditions, traffic, and available parking spaces. Another key feature that proves to be a major differentiator for Ezlogz is its social platform that allows the clients to share their stories, buy, sell, trade, and create their company’s profile. It also enables them to use live streaming and in-fleet messaging within the software.

Ezlogz leases its devices for free and charges only for the services provided on a monthly basis, with no mandatory annual contracts. Thus, clients relying on an automatic onboard recording device (AOBRD) can switch to ELD with a click of a button on their admin panel. The admin panel manages the entire fleet in the backend, allowing users to track a truck’s location, dispatch trucks, or even verify drivers’ file and inspection reports.

Ezlogz’s all-inclusive fleet management software offers a number of in-app features along with supporting five languages which include English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian

Apart from calculating hours of service (HOS) recap, ELD features violation alerts and officer inspection mode.

The company has also launched TruckinCoin, a coin with its own ecosystem for clients to buy, sell, and trade. In addition, the company’s smart contracts aim to reduce the number of dispatchers required; for instance, instead of ten dispatchers for hundred trucks, clients will need only one. The system informs clients about their truck’s direction and also the approximate time it will take to reach its destination. Once the dispatcher feeds in the load and assigns it to a driver, a smart contract is created, further facilitating automatic payments to shippers and drivers with the help of their respective unique QR codes. The payments are done instantly via TruckinCoin, Bitcoin, or USD based on the clients’ preference. These smart contracts cannot be tampered with, unless both the parties involved agree to it, ensuring transparency and a hassle-free process.

Ezlogz’s platform has benefitted all of its clients, addressing the trucking issues and enhancing their overall businesses. One of its clients reaped similar benefits when they faced an issue in training each of their drivers individually. Ezlogz created in-app tutorial videos for drivers along with adding manuals in an electronic format. In addition, the company’s platform allowed drivers to click pictures of documents including fuel receipts and attach these documents to the app, making them visible to both the admin and the backend staff.

Ezlogz now plans to increase the usage of its TruckinCoin and expand the applications of its wallet. The company is also coming up with a feature for admin to log in, receive notifications, and manage the entire suite efficiently. In Karman’s words, Ezlogz is here to stay and revolutionize the industry, and on that note, the market can expect groundbreaking offerings from the company in the years ahead.