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Kurt Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, FreightPOPKurt Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO
As an industry veteran with over 25 years in distribution, shipping, and logistics industry, Kurt Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of FreightPOP, has witnessed digital disruption transform the whole sector. While dealing with shipping problems at his previous company as a distributor, Johnson realized that managing the shipping process, even after switching from an outdated method of spreadsheets to an enterprise Transportation Management System (TMS) would be an uphill task. Being efficient was still an issue as the traditional TMS wasn’t configurable to the company’s specific workflows and processes. Having grown as a shipper, Johnson took it upon himself to address the problem in hand. He built a team of developers and envisioned a better way of handling shipping for mid-size companies, and in no time, FreightPOP—an industry-leading cloud-based transportation management software provider—was introduced to the market. Using the FreightPOP platform, Johnson was able to achieve over 20 percent savings in managing freight, and the company gained a significant ROI through rate shopping and invoice auditing.

With a mission to simplify and reduce the cost of shipping for manufacturers, distributors, e-commerce, and 3PL’s, FreightPOP helps shippers streamline their operations so that they can focus on growing their business. It is easy to set up and supports a single login for logistics management across all transport modes including parcel, LTL, FTL, international ocean & air. The software is simple to use, cost-effective, and connects seamlessly to existing ERP, CRM, WMS, and other inventory management software. “FreightPOP’s goal is to help shippers to ship smarter and easier. Having been built on more than two decades of shipping and logistics experience, we’ve created an enterprise level TMS platform that replaces the current silo experience with one login for all transport modes, is highly configurable to a company’s existing workflows, and offers hundreds of connections to other software and carriers,” explains Kurt Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO at FreightPOP.

Justin Dickson Co-Founder & CRO
Whether it’s comparing rates, processing, tracking, and analyzing shipments, or making better data-driven decisions with easy to use dashboards and custom reporting, FreightPOP does it all. The platform can be integrated with a number of key technological platforms, including solutions for enterprise resource management, warehouse and inventory management, customer relationship management, and order systems. With a rate quote negotiated, users can then proceed with processing a shipment without leaving FreightPOP. This includes the ability to fetch relevant shipping documents from the associated carriers, then printing shipping labels, BOLs, SLIs, AWBs, customs forms, invoices, and packing slips. FreightPOP’s centralized tracking tools then monitor all in-transit shipments, gathering real-time tracking data directly from a carrier’s systems or websites. Through purchase order management, FreightPOP seamlessly connects shippers to its vendors and suppliers for full supply chain visibility. With these additions, shipping and logistics managers can simplify their transportation management and enhance efficiency. Besides this, expanded connectivity gives additional API integrations for processing quotes and shipments outside of FreightPOP. “Our solution is a one-stop-shop for shippers, where all the information they need to support their operations is accessible directly within their TMS,” states Justin Dickson, CRO at FreightPOP.

FreightPOP’s goal is to help shippers to ship smarter and easier

Dwelling on the idea of innovation, the company plans on the continual enhancement of its platform by keeping it flexible to adopt the latest technological developments. FreightPOP aims to drive value for its customers further and provide a seamless user experience. Under those efforts, the company has started to leverage data through machine learning and prescriptive analytics. “We enable our users to make data-driven decisions. Our insights help them build an effective roadmap for their business model, based on savings, efficiencies, workflow automation, analytics, and optimization,” states Johnson.

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Kurt Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO and Justin Dickson Co-Founder & CRO

Cloud based software that makes logistics simple with one login for all transportation management including inbound and outbound freight across parcel, LTL, FTL, ocean, and international air. FreightPOP offers seamless integration into our customer's current tech stack and is highly configurable to existing workflows and process. With connections to 300+ carriers, ERP, WMS, and marketplaces, getting the best rates and optimizing shipping processes is easily achieved