InMotion Global, Inc: Managing Freight Movements through Cloud-Based System

Tim Higham, CEO, InMotion Global, IncTim Higham, CEO
Today, businesses are focusing chiefly on optimizing the supply chain and logistics operations and are continually making critical decisions for designing a highly productive Transportation Management System (TMS). Yet the software providers are still expected to reduce costs and improve the on-time performance of the system with high flexibility. With plethora of cloud-based software in the current market, providers are struggling to stay relevant to the market. Managing every aspect of logistics and distribution operations, InMotion Global, an Interstate Logistics Group Software Company, provides free cloud-based TMS software that offers a complete control over daily freight movements.

Established in 2002, InMotion Global specializes in providing cloud-based TMS and Logistics Software. “Our TMS technology is used every day by both multi-billion dollar corporations to run their logistics operations,” says Tim Higham, CEO, InMotion Global, Inc. With the idea of developing a TMS that could be used from a web browser, the company designed the software that avoids the typical complex installations, configurations and setups in the client systems.

The company’s flagship product, AscendTMS, confers a complete logistics and load management for freight brokers, carriers, and shippers. Specifically built for small to medium sized truckload shippers, the system is customizable and can be modified to the businesses operations and processes. Enabled with multiple features, the software assists clients to track and trace driver location, offers a real-time industry truckload rate, and handles other logistics operations. With AscendTMS, customers are able to manage user’s visibility into the system with branch, department management, and user grouping feature. The Automated Route Review (ARR) feature of the software ensures the users that the loads are routed efficiently, saving miles and money.

Our TMS technology is used every day by both multi-billion dollar corporations to run their logistics operations

The Accountability Log tracks the users’ changes and updates throughout the system and then reports in an efficient method. The AscendTMS dashboard functionality displays the key information about the business operations in an easy-to read layout.

AscendTMS’s feature enhances the customers’ communications, both internally and externally in a company. Two Way Texting, one of the platform’s features, enables the client to send messages to the driver and receive through the system. Along with texting, AscendTMS provides Instant Message, which offers the ability to interact with other members of the company and see their availability through messages. “Furthermore, with the Document Management, customers upload commonly used documents such as Carrier or Customer Setup Packets, Certificate of Insurance Requests, and email them,” delineates Higham.

InMotion Global’s software is a portfolio of services that provides shippers a streamlined method to attain quotes without having to sign a contract, create an account, or spend hours on the phone calling carriers and brokers for quotes. Higham said, “With clients spread over 19 countries, the system is designed uniquely in the marketplace and is the full truckload quoting website to use our patented InMotion Global TMS™ quoting technology.”

In the emerging competition, the company stays ahead by designing the platform that could be accessed in PC, tablet, or phone and support complete international functionality, including weights, measures, and currencies. In the near future, the company plans to add Asset Management and Automated feature to AscentTMS to manage power units, trailers and drivers, and make check-calls to drivers and update load automatically with the current truck status.