Johanson Transportation Service: Complete Freight Activity Control

Craig Johannson, VP-Logistics, Johanson Transportation ServiceCraig Johannson, VP-Logistics
Richard Johanson, a World War II veteran, identified a need in the transportation industry for a provider with knowledge about all the different transport modes while being customer-centric. He established Johanson Transportation Service (JTS) in 1971 with the founding principles of Experience, Integrity, Gratitude, and Respect. A 3PL provider, JTS has been persistently committed to provide unmatched customer service and management strategies to improve service, control costs, reduce claims, and increase logistics operational efficiency. “Years of dedication to our customers has earned us industry recognition–a testament to our commitment towards our founding principles,” says Craig Johannson, VP Logistics, JTS.

According to Johannson, the traditional logistics departments have continued to shrink and disappear over the last decade, and the current transportation decision makers are wearing many hats. “At JTS, our goal is to be an extension of the firms we represent, providing them with transportation expertise and ensuring their success,” he adds. JTS is a third-party solutions provider, property broker, ocean freight forwarder, and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) helping firms manage their supply chain with Justified Timely Solutions® that resolve unique business challenges. Providing unmatched service at a fair price, JTS offers customized freight solutions, including dry and temperature-controlled truckload, less-than-truckload, air and ocean freight, rail intermodal, and comprehensive importing/exporting solutions with one point of contact.

“We have created a platform— FreightOptixx™—that fits each customer’s specific needs as there is no one size fits all approach. We then back it with a best-in-class suite of products to ensure efficiency, reduce transportation costs, and achieve supply chain visibility around the clock,” adds Johannson.

Tracking Shipments Made Easier

With JTS’ FreightOptixx™ cloud-based TMS, users can manage their truckload, LTL, rail intermodal and international freight activities—all in one, easy-to-use, cloud-based location. It enables users to leverage JTS technology innovations that can be integrated with any enterprise system, removing the need for investing in a separate TMS. “FreightOptixx™ is available as a value-added service and on a per-transaction fee schedule to customers,” adds Johannson.

Through FreightOptixx™, customers can increase their service levels and save time on manual logistics tasks. Shippers can get contract or spot rate quotes for various transportation choices by entering the pick-up and destination stops. They can then compare LTL rates for various carriers on one screen, print a quote, and select the carrier most suitable for their needs. The platform enables shippers to easily track their JTS shipments and change the load type and filter by status. They can even drag columns around and check the EDI status and save time by automating their orders and transmitting them via EDI or CSV file.

Our multi-disciplined team of programmers allows us to continually evolve FreightOptixx™ to stay cutting edge and be an industry leader

Additionally, all the outstanding invoices can also be displayed to better manage accounts payable.

On the flipside, carriers can use FreightOptixx™ to enter tracing details and find available loads with JTS— accessible via a PC, smartphone, or tablet. They can also receive automated, login-free emails every day with a link to instantly access and enter their tracing information.

“FreightOptixx™ illustrates our commitment to providing the highest level of service and innovative technology to our shipper and carrier customers,” adds Johannson. Recently, an additional attribute was released for FreightOptixx™, featuring focused training videos embedded in the TMS. “To allow for quick guidance we have added professionally produced training videos for each section of our FreightOptixx™ so users can view them to get a better understanding of the platform’s functionality. This allows first-time users to access and use our system without hours of formal training,” adds Johannson. “Depending on our customers’ needs, our services can include negotiations, site selection, pick-ups, service monitoring, invoice auditing, cross docking, and pool distribution,” explains Johannson.

Johannson cites an example about one of their customers looking to modernize and optimize their transportation system alongside implementing SAP as their accounting and ERP system. The client approached JTS to design and program a TMS that was focused on their exact business features and in adherence with all the various operational functionalities. The system JTS created provided transportation optimization, consolidation of partial truckloads into full truckloads, and perform instant rate quotes–all in sync with SAP. “Our multi-disciplined team of programmers allows us to continually evolve FreightOptixx™ to stay cutting edge and be an industry leader,” adds Johannson.

Working with the Clients

The company is very particular about the carriers that they partner with to serve customers in various verticals. JTS has a carrier compliance division tasked with continuously monitoring all the carriers for contract compliance, safety policies, and up-to-date insurance. “Through this process we ensure that our customers are receiving a truckload option that has been fully vetted through stringent criteria,” asserts Johannson.

JTS fosters a culture of understanding a customer’s specific needs; Johannson and his team of experts spend time with clients on-site, learning about their products and packaging. JTS’ focus for more than four decades has been to offer customers the best of services through the best minds in the logistics industry. “Our mantra is to focus on the customer and provide them with the tools that can augment their productivity,” adds Johannson. “For the days to come, we will be concentrating on offering unique logistics solutions to clients and providing them with cutting-edge performance.”