Johanson Transportation Service: Pioneering Cloud-based Freight Management

Craig Johannson, VP, Logistics, Johanson Transportation ServiceCraig Johannson, VP, Logistics
With organizations’ supply chains transforming into more complex, multifaceted networks, there is a burgeoning need for analyzing each business’ specific needs and goals. “An optimized transportation program cannot be created by applying a single template or methodology. At JTS, we use our expertise, technology, and long-term carrier relationships to create specific programs for each customer,” states Craig Johannson, Vice President of Logistics at JTS. By offering customized freight solutions, JTS adapts to a customer’s needs, terminology, and business practices rather than requiring the customer to change their systems and practices.

The firm’s cloud-based TMS, FreightOptixx™, provides organizations with instant access and visibility into all their freight activity in a quick and easy manner by going to one online location for all modes of transportation—truckload, less than truckload, rail intermodal, and international freight. Once logged in to FreightOptixx™, shippers can get instant rate quotes from multiple carriers which speeds up the quoting process immensely. They can also create and optimize new orders, consolidate partial truckloads into full truckloads using the Optimizer tool, and send dispatch instructions to the carrier. All orders generated in the system create and store the associated shipping documents for easy printing and retrieval. “Shippers can track the shipment status down to a granular level to see the shipments that have been confirmed, dispatched, picked up, and delivered by the carrier,” adds Johannson.

With FreightOptixx™, reports can be easily created and exported, allowing managers to analyze freight performance via any device—a notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

At JTS, we use our expertise, technology, and long-term carrier relationships to create specific programs for each customer

In addition, the accounting feature of FreightOptixx™ displays all outstanding invoices, enabling shippers to better manage their accounts payables. “They can view and export invoices, proof of delivery, run aging reports, and pay status reports,” states Johannson. FreightOptixx™ also benefits carriers as they can save time by going to one app to search for available freight, provide quotes, and enter their equipment and tracking details. “Everyone shares information in real-time for full connectivity!”

Having launched their TMS offering in 2008 in response to the specific needs of the industry, their system has continually evolved over the years. Johannson mentions, “Over the years, we have improved our internal technology and the technology provided to our customers.” JTS plans to convert all carrier communications to APIs versus traditional EDI in 2017. This will allow for real-time rating, tracking, dispatching, and document retrieval. Furthermore, JTS intends to provide a solution for the specific segment of temperature-controlled shipping. “Our award-winning FreightOptixx™ product will now allow for multiple pick-ups and product capability requirements to be optimized into a single trailer delivery,” says Johannson. “Along with the real-time tracking functionality, we will also provide the customer with access to temperature recording data.”

JTS leverages the core strengths they have in people and technology to stay ahead of the competition. “We have accumulated a team of transportation experts across all modes with extensive experience to provide customers with the services they need,” articulates Johannson. “We understand that transportation cost is a critical factor for businesses, and we leverage the efficiencies gained through technology to pass the savings on to our customers.”