LeanLogistics: Optimizing Logistics Operations through LeanTMS

Operating in an increasingly complex logistics world, today’s companies require an enhanced solution that manages logistics to work smarter, better, and more efficiently. New, innovative technology platforms have greatly sped the expansion and evolution of transportation as well as logistic solutions. As organizations are demanding for new improved software to handle logistics operations, the technology platform, Transportation Management System (TMS), plays a key role in helping shippers overcome these challenges and thrive in a competitive environment. To meet the market demands, LeanLogistics, provides a software-as-a-service (SaaS) transportation platform that offers complete procurement, planning, execution, and settlement transportation functions.

Headquartered in Holland, MI, LeanLogistics is a global solutions provider of SaaS transportation management technology and supply chain services. Relying on continuous improvements, the company’s team of supply chain experts offers clients with a competitive advantage. Founded by experienced logistics and transportation veterans in 1999, the company shared a vision of leveraging web-based technologies to optimize supply chain processes.

Our product enables shippers to scale infrastructure and business processes while gaining inefficiencies to improve service offerings

The company’s flagship product, LeanTMS, a SaaS platform, delivers complete transportation planning, as well as visibility and business intelligence, to improve transportation processes, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. “Our product enables shippers to scale infrastructure and business processes while gaining efficiencies to improve service offerings,” says Dan Dershem, President and CEO of LeanLogistics. The global capabilities of LeanTMS ensure compliance by providing complete supply chain visibility and access to industry data to meet multi-regional regulations and guidelines. Users are able to design a private transportation network with freight management inbound management, transportation scheduling, and reporting capabilities with the solution. “Through LeanTMS collaboration, visibility, and multiple network partners, customers are capable of adjusting to marketplace conditions effectively,” adds Dershem.
Dan Dershem, President and CEO, Lean LogisticsDan Dershem, President and CEO
Integrated within LeanTMS, the company offers LeanGlobal, a comprehensive solution for managing multi-leg, multi-modal, domestic and cross-border freight. Through the solution, users are able to coordinate an end-to-end transportation process and administer the interchange with other third parties, such as government agencies, suppliers, and freight forwarders. With LeanGlobal, clients are able to pilot complex global supply chain effortlessly and access trade compliance. The solution manages domestic and international freight in a single global TMS system.

In an instance, Air Canada, one of the clients of LeanLogistics, provided direct cargo services to over hundred Canadian and international destinations including Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. The client approached LeanLogistics to gain visibility, consistency and profitability in the client’s cargo’s global ground transportation network. “Since the primary business of the client is an airline, oftentimes the trucking part of the business is simply considered an extension of the cargo network,” remarks Dershem. Reviewing LeanTMS, the client implemented the Saas platform behind the LeanLogistics Transportation Network. With the solution, the client not only gained visibility but also enhanced their service within the transportation process. Through the solution, the client further increased collaboration, improved global standardization, reduced carrier overcharges and freight costs in a single platform.

With the company’s successful implementations through proven standardized processes, LeanLogistics minimizes risk for clients and offers the ongoing value. To thwart the emerging competition, the company stays ahead in the logistics industry by designing the platform with significant features— expertise, assurance, innovation, and scalability. “As the pioneer of SaaS TMS, LeanLogistics will continue to innovate through a single-instance, multi-tenant platform in the near future,” says Dershem.