LogistaaS: Recasting the Supply Chain

Kareem Naouri, CEO, LogistaaSKareem Naouri, CEO
Technology decision makers in the logistics industry are at the precipice of a dire necessity to upgrade their disparate legacy Transportation Management Systems (TMSs). A millennial workforce that prefers working with latest technologies, and an increasing push from importers and exporters to establish transparency and agility in the supply chain, are driving freight forwarders worldwide to implement an open architecture cloud-based TMS. When these shortcomings were noticed by a young MBA graduate with a decade of experience in the logistics industry and an innovator with an illustrious career in the online gaming industry, the result was a brainchild that took the logistics arena by storm—LogistaaS. Kareem Naouri and Ahmad Abdel-Yaman, lead the company in delivering LogistaaS, an innovative cloud-based software solution that is used on a daily basis by freight forwarders in over 19 countries.

A platform that has minimal time-to-market, LogistaaS stemmed from the much sought-after visibility in the supply chain—an integrated approach that brings together all the stakeholders. The cloud-based TMS is used by freight forwarders to integrate their entire back-office and front-office operations on a single scale, which can later be introspected to manage and monitor business performance. On the outreach side, LogistaaS has a built-in CRM module that collects data associated with customers, agents, and subcontractors. Daily visits, calls, emails, and other channels can be keyed in by the sales team to create reminders and facilitate the management of follow-ups and customer queries. The reminders generate a to-do list for each user and each lead can be tracked alongside the customer journey.

“LogistaaS can automatically generate any document they need for their business, including bills of lading, invoices, loading and arrival notices, and delivery orders,” explains LogistaaS’ CEO, Naouri.

Our vision for LogistaaS is to create a smart and user friendly cloud-based solution that enables a more integrated, transparent, and efficient supply chain

“The solution helps with the invoicing and collection management, as it keeps track of uncollected and overdue invoices and integrates with various accounting systems.” The efficient data capture ability of LogistaaS produces phenomenal results for the management, who now have complete visibility of their operations and can stay informed at all times along their customer success path. The company’s performance can be analyzed to track emerging trends with respect to sales data, and reports on which customers probably require more attention.

Highlighting their step towards achieving transparency and agility in the supply chain, Naouri says, “LogistaaS also creates a state of collaboration for their customers by integrating with INTTRA and WinWebConnect, connecting them to over 50 airliners and 90 shipping lines.” Furthermore, LogistaaS brings the consumer into the information loop. It allows authorized administrators to create credentials for each consumer in an online portal, that will tell them about the real-time status of their order, from shipment to invoices, and allows them to stay in touch with their logistics provider at all times.

LogistaaS has been proving its proficiency in driving value since its soft launch in 2015 when a few pioneering logistics companies in Jordan started using the system. The traction gained by the product has grown significantly ever since, driven towards contributing to an agile, streamlined, transparent, and efficient supply chain. To this end, LogistaaS has essentially brought together all the entities on a single stage of freight forwarding—airlines, shipping lines, customs, importers and exporters, and even newcomers to the industry, such as online marketplaces. LogistaaS remains focused on driving this all-round efficiency, while providing smart and intuitive experience to users.