Maven Machines: Redefining Modern Mobile Fleet Management

Avishai Geller, Founder & CEO, Maven MachinesAvishai Geller, Founder & CEO
With the rise of globalization, businesses are facing difficulties managing complex f leet operations while also sailing through a sea of changes in compliance and technology. “Companies must adopt digital & mobile strategies and automate beyond the warehouse if they want to operate in the most efficient way possible,” says Avi Geller, Founder & CEO of Maven Machines. Cutting through the labyrinth of challenges, Maven Machines fuses IoT sensors, cloud, automation, machine learning, and mobile technology into an advanced software platform that allows for a wide range of transportation use cases such as route optimization, ELD compliance, dispatch, and business automation in real-time. Maven Machines’ platform is deployed by transportation f leets—large and small—to provide mission-critical capabilities for driver safety, f leet management, and regulatory compliance. Top 20 f leets, both private and for-hire rely on Maven Machines’ dispatch solutions and f leet management, offered through the most advanced platform on the market, to operate more productively and efficiently across the board.

Maven Machines’ plug-n-play mobile solution leverages real-time data to streamline communications and automate workf low between drivers, dispatchers, managers, shippers and receivers. The real-time and dynamic solution enables carriers to manage large numbers of drivers with route planning and optimization, real-time data for dispatching, and insightful reporting for the entire f leet operations. Maven ELD not only performs electronic logging for trucking operations but also helps them to swiftly adapt to the regulatory changes without additional investments or compliance and safety managers. “The system automates the business, enabling workers to focus on their core business of trucking,” explains Geller. The feature that clients like the best is the solution’s ability to integrate with any backend system. The three key benefits of Maven Machines’ solution include a low cost of ownership, a user-friendly mix of the latest technologies, and a fast low-effort installation process. Designed with driver productivity in mind, Maven Machines’ app can be used—with no/ minimal training where success is expected on day one —as a replacement for siloed transactional systems.

Overcoming the operational challenge of underutilized capacity, assets, and technology, Maven Machines aims to help businesses get the most out of their resources and improve their operational efficiencies. “It’s all about data and information visibility and actionability, so that when the real world inf luences planned business operations, clients can adapt instantaneously and automatically, ensuring that they are operating at optimal efficiency,” says Craig Campbell, VP of Marketing, Maven Machines. “To that end, we bring a platform that produces the right data at the right time for the right task. The result is business operating more efficiently with greater visibility.”

A unique capability of Maven Machines’ IoT-powered solution is that it allows drivers to perform real-time image capture of shipping documents, freight integrity, and vehicle inspections.

Its geo-fencing capabilities enable companies and their truckers to track the shipment, monitor real-time ETAs, and log detention time for accessorial charges. In addition to its technological prowess, the software solution from the company boasts of a low cost of ownership by eliminating the need of expensive hardware installations, and provides updates and added functionalities without disrupting the client’s entire business. Adding to that, Maven Machines’ solution is highly user intuitive, and engages and empowers carriers to focus on improving organizational efficiencies.

Maven’s platform produces the right data at the right time for the right task

Serving the entire spectrum of trucking, the company’s fleet management solution enables shippers and carriers to increase on-time performance, optimize miles per shipment, and increase driver satisfaction and retention. For example, Maven’s real-time mobile document scanning enables companies to process billing significantly faster, and automate route optimization. The company’s solution possesses detailed reporting capabilities such as business, route, and driver performance that allow clients to optimize their internal operations. Maven Machines’ clients also leverage information such as lift gate usage and excessive detention time to impose assessorial charges on their customers, adding significant revenue to their business. In addition, the solution’s real-time capabilities provide unparalleled visibility into accurate shipment status and ETAs.

Many US-based fleets, including Central Freight Lines, have adopted Maven’s low profile, wireless, coin-sized ELD technology to run electronic logs across their entire fleet. Maven ELD’s simple self-installation process greatly speeds deployment of this small but powerful solution. Additionally, a majority Central Freight Lines’ California-based drivers use Maven’s software platform to take their required breaks in compliance with California Labor Law with the help of accelerometers, GPS, and other mobile sensors.

Being an advanced technology company at its core, Maven Machines is currently investing in blockchain and autonomous technologies to fuel the future needs of fleet management. “We are currently looking at partnerships with various technology companies working on autonomous vehicles with our aim to be a management platform for those fleets,” adds Geller. The company’s platform can serve multiple businesses, and currently, is being used by various smart manufacturing and logistics industries for taking in data from machines and other processes to optimize their existing operations.