MercuryGate: Automated Solutions for Seamless Transportation Management

Monica Wooden, Co-founder, MercuryGateMonica Wooden, Co-founder
Transportation and logistics are among the slowest-changing industries, characterized by the underutilized capacity to the extent of 500 percent, according to the think tank Lux Research. These segments also tend to be rather inefficient in time, energy, labor and capital, besides spewing environmental filth. Information technology goes a long way in redressing the situation but only when it is designed right. MercuryGate’s Co-founders Monica Wooden and Stephen Bough recognized both these challenges as well as the opportunity and leveraged their operational backgrounds and hands-on knowledge to build the startup’s Transportation Management Suite from the ground up.

The solution was first implemented at a large electronics company with complex, high-volume transportation needs, resulting in savings of millions of dollars. The solution suite continues to be a cornerstone of the MercuryGate’s technology, which over the years has added bells and whistles, besides being scalable to meet the growing needs of enterprises.

“By offering a single cloud-based platform that serves all modes with an integrated set of logistics partners, MercuryGate TMS provides users with a holistic view of data, real-time control tower visibility and decision support,” says Monica, a sports enthusiast and an active sportswoman herself. “All of our MercuryGate employees are geared toward putting customers into production. We call those touchdowns. And we are focused on getting in the red zone and never, ever settling for a field goal,” she adds.

Designed as an operations level, mission critical planning and execution logistics solution, MercuryGate TMS automates the shipment management process with a range of functional modules such as 3PL TMS, Brokerage, Shipper, Mojo, Freight Forwarder, Carma, MercuryProcure, MercuryFleet and RateFriend.

All of our MercuryGate employees are geared toward putting customers into production

For instance, U.S. Cold Storage (USCS) used Mojo to optimize its annual loads, realize cost savings and gain efficiencies in their transportation networks. Each day, Mojo would deliver optimized consolidation of shipments within the company’s 72- hour planning period. The platform can simultaneously optimize, and re-optimize, between 400 and 500 orders in less than one minute, according to Andrew Pavilicin, continuous improvement analyst at USCS.

Similarly, Carma automates carrier data management so companies can focus on managing their businesses, and MercuryGate allows companies with private fleets to manage drivers, equipment and operations with a single system, MercuryFleet.

Despite steady and rapid growth, MercuryGate remains an organization with complete focus on continued technology improvements and customer satisfaction. “Our employees make it their mission to streamline the global supply chain, one client at a time,” says Monica, who is also member of the Committee of 200, an invitation-only membership organization of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.

“MercuryGate is poised to expand the company’s services to support fleet managers and freight forwarders, besides widening its eco-system of technology partners who bring niche capabilities such as telematics, GPS, geo-mapping and other technologies,” says Monica.

“We are at a juncture requiring us to scale the company to accelerated growth, so executive owners have been named for critical areas,” she says. “The expansion of our executive team is a strategic move on the part of MercuryGate to prepare for continued growth, accelerated innovation and ongoing service to our customers in the transportation and supply chain software sector.”