MercuryGate: Ideal Combination of New Technologies and Real-World Dynamics

With the increasing focus by business houses to optimize their supply chain activities, logistics organizations are experiencing a wave of force to create a highly productive transportation management system. Improved transportations methods greatly affect the efficiency of shipping operations and in turn their business’ bottom line. Business goals such as reducing costs and overhead, growing profit margins, controlling materials and inventory, and improving customer service can be achieved through the implementation of efficient transportation management solutions. To drive logistics landscape to a next level, MercuryGate—cloud-based Transportation Management System (TMS) technology provider, facilitates highly effective communications and information sharing among businesses and their shipping partners.

Our solutions enable global shippers and logistics service providers to become smarter, stronger, faster and better

MercuryGate delivers solutions that are an appropriate combination of new technologies and real-world dynamics, with the attributes of speed to market, implement, and integrate. “Our solutions enable global shippers and logistics service providers to become smarter, stronger, faster and better,” says Monica B. Wooden, CEO and Co-founder, MercuryGate. MercuryGate’s TMS for shippers optimizes their process by providing the information needed to control costs, increase the speed and reliability of supply chain. The company facilitates a single platform for 3PLs and enables growing logistics companies to rapidly respond to new client demand. “Using the remarkably easy-to-use interface and application integration, companies can quickly configure services to maximize value for all of their clients,” adds Monica. MercuryGate also provides TMS solutions for freight brokerage companies which are critical to any brokerage need like management of buying and selling rates and margin analysis, and quick settling of invoices.

The company’s solution called Mojo— transportation optimizer, brings the data used to move freight daily into action. To produce realistic and executable load plans, available data such as actual current rates, approved carriers, specified capacities, and transit times are fed into the Mojo.

Monica B. Wooden, CEO and Co-founder, MercuryGateMonica B. Wooden, CEO and Co-founder
This enables the combination of global orders from multiple customers, locations or vendors into multi-pick/drop movements, continuous move shipments, backhauls, and pooling scenarios. To enhance the logistics services, MercuryGate provides Carma that automates the management of critical information about each carrier, and delivers up-to-date data about insurance coverages and safety records. Irrespective of the load execution system in use, Carma fully vets the carriers for current insurance coverage, hazmat credentials, and safety ratings.

Monica believes that the company has developed expertise on applicable technology and business process controls. “We funneled this expertise into solutions for companies with extremely complex, high volume transportation needs,” asserts Monica. For instance, Hexcel—leading advanced composite manufacturer ships its lightweight, high performance structural material to aerospace, defense, and industrial customers worldwide. With rise in the demand for highly advanced products, Hexcel started expanding its boundaries in Europe, U.S. and Asia. However, Hexcel was challenged by the disparate systems and lack of visibility, generating the need for solution to better manage their global business. MercuryGate’s cloud TMS solutions assisted Hexcel to gain visibility, cut cost and improve its international logistics within a short period of time.

MercuryGate continuously enhances the core TMS technology with added functionality by consulting with other domestic and international companies to fulfill the growing transportation management needs. Moving ahead, the company aspires to remain committed to delivering the combination of new technology and business processes that solve complex transportation management challenges generated by today’s increasingly sophisticated and competitive logistics world.