MGN Logistics: A Holistic Approach to Freight Management

Matthew Telesca, President & CEO, MGN LogisticsMatthew Telesca, President & CEO
In the ambit of logistics, Transportation Management Systems (TMS) have long been leveraged for efficient freight management. However, the incorporation of new features to address the growing market demands has made TMS complex to manage. In fact, the vast majority of shippers who implement a TMS do not achieve the level of control or benefit they look for. MGN hits the bull’s eye in this regard by providing a solution that fosters true collaboration, allowing logistics experts to work closely with the shipper, utilizing the full breadth of their TMS. “Our unique freight management software is designed to maximize the complete spectrum of supply chain management and the decision making process,” affirms Matthew Telesca, President and CEO, MGN Logistics.

The company’s cloud based TMS empowers users with supply chain management tools coupled with business intelligence and analytics. “We provide the expertise and full service management ranging from small parcel, Less-than-Truckload (LTL), truckload, and intermodal to rail, ocean, air and international freight,” elucidates Telesca. Clients can easily manage and control inbound freight as well as leverage outbound negotiated freight rates across the entire supply chain using MGN’s services. With total control and visibility across the supply chain, businesses can better manage their carriers and monitor all the supporting documentation to ensure shipment accuracy. Further, “users can directly connect with freight carriers for a comprehensive invoice auditing process and manage the entire shipment lifecycle,” he adds.

Apart from specialized tools for freight management, MGN also acts as a key part of the client’s executive team, assisting them in managing their day to day operations. “We employ a robust active management style that facilitates proactive decision-making rather than the typical report and change philosophy,” says Telesca.

We employ a robust active management style that facilitates proactive decision-making rather than the typical report and change philosophy

MGN also enables clients to maximize savings by negotiating a pricing structure with a suitable service provider based on their freight volume and shipping lanes.

With a blend of extensive industry knowledge and innovative technology, MGN is focused on providing advanced and affordable freight management solutions to clients. The company has assisted numerous firms with their transport management and delivered desired outcomes. One such example, a manufacturing company was experiencing unusually difficult LTL negotiations due to their inconsistency of freight and major congestions on the dock, significantly increasing carrier load times. MGN helped the client by designing a dock management suite that would track pallet movement on the dock, allocate staging locations, and monitor carrier load times. This enabled the client to identify areas responsible for increasing the load times and make the necessary adjustments. Once the issues were resolved, carriers were more willing to come back to the negotiating table.

Continuing with innovation in the logistics arena, MGN is set to launch a unique app called MarketMaker Pricing, an advanced aggregator of truckload metadata. The aggregator is designed to compile freight payment data from various industry sources and provide historical market highs, lows, averages, and MarketMaker’s proprietary spot market rate. “MarketMaker is poised to revolutionize how the trucking industry provides spot-market truckload rates,” lauds Telesca. The CEO also intends to make strategic acquisitions that will aid in innovating advanced freight management solutions. “As the transportation industry continues to evolve, we aim to be at the forefront of that change through our advanced technologies and solutions,” he concludes.