Pierbridge: Continuous Multi-carrier Shipping Innovation

Bob Malley, CEO, PierbridgeBob Malley, CEO
The growth of eCommerce has been radically changing supply chain strategies, especially among retailers, as customers expect omni-channel shipping and delivery options. Recognizing this, Bob Malley, an ardent innovator and CEO of Pierbridge, is spearheading technology breakthroughs that change the way businesses ship.

Prior to establishing Pierbridge, Malley founded Tracer Research and oversaw the launch of Clippership, the first multi-carrier shipping solution that integrated with ERP and WMS systems, automating manual processes. Tracer also introduced the first browser-based shipping solution, extending multi-carrier automation across corporate networks. “But securely connecting applications, data, and devices over a network connection was a real challenge in the early days of the Internet,” stated Malley. His team of experts brought a wealth of knowledge and experience in connectivity, flexibility, and web services from Tracer to Pierbridge and built a SaaS platform that removes real-time connectivity obstacles, making transportation services more readily available for eCommerce and enterprise applications.

Pierbridge’s enterprise Transportation Management System (TMS), Transtream, helps retailers automate parcel and freight rating, shipping, tracking, and returns. Transtream can be scaled to deploy on a workstation, server, or accessed from the cloud, enabling businesses to ship from anywhere, to anywhere, at any time. “Some of our retail customers process hundreds of thousands of shipments per day during the holiday season from warehouses and stores globally, while smaller eCommerce merchants ship less than 50 per day. Businesses large and small all need to control the cost of free shipping,” added Malley.

Transtream features a portfolio of enterprise TMS apps that help control transportation processes in warehouses, stores, supplier, or office locations. eCommerce merchants can take advantage of configurable SaaS apps without losing local connectivity. “Our unique design studio—Composer—enables businesses to adapt the best-in-class Transtream apps to customers’ workflows without having to ‘customize’ the underlying software,” said Malley.

Transtream connects to hundreds of carrier services, while HubCapp makes it easy for Transtream to securely connect in real time to enterprise data sources and devices

“With Composer’s drag-and-drop tools, Transtream is infinitely flexible, enabling channel partners to quickly adapt browser-based solutions and embed business rules—ensuring that they comply with corporate transportation policies.”

In addition, Transtream’s integration technology, HubCapp, represents a new approach to realizing Internet of Things connectivity that has opened up new possibilities for supply chain partners to exchange information. “Transtream connects to hundreds of carrier services, while HubCapp makes it easy for Transtream to securely connect in real time to enterprise data sources and devices, such as scales, scanners, and printers from the cloud. Together, they streamline transportation processes,” asserted Malley.

He also points out another innovation of Pierbridge’s that enables eCommerce merchants to embed rating, shipping, tracking, and returns “widgets” within their websites. The widgets make it convenient for customers to access transportation services, while increasing merchant website traffic and upselling opportunities. Additionally, the firm has introduced a new cartonization feature— Opdimizer—that enables shippers to pack orders more cost-effectively, based on item sizes, weight, and other business rules. This unique capability helps shippers to more accurately determine rates in order entry and shopping carts and reduce waste during the fulfillment process.

Over the years, numerous manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and financial service companies have embraced Pierbridge’s Transtream technology to streamline shipping, control transportation costs, and improve on-time delivery. Pierbridge’s unique capabilities and suite of TMS solutions have gained recognition for product excellence and customer adoption from both FedEx (Diamond level) and UPS (ConnectShip Platinum). “Our customers, carriers, and partner communities keep us on top of things and drive innovation,” said Malley.