Profit Tools: Injecting Real-time Automation and Insights into Complex Work Environments

With rapid industry changes in logistics, market leaders in the various industries are augmenting advanced data manipulation capabilities such as predictive analytics, real-time event processing, and are extracting insights from unstructured information. Continued strategic investments in innovation have caused enterprises to constantly evaluate the latest trends and assess their potential to ensure that the needs are met. “CIOs in the logistics industry are challenged with enabling their companies to deal with change while still improving efficiency and unlocking opportunities to gain competitive advantage,” states Brian Widell, Owner and President, Profit Tools, Inc. Consequently, many companies are enabling incipient methods to achieve differentiation and gain more insights on how to obtain operational efficiency.

Staffed with industry and technology experts and guided by nearly two decades of experience with Transportation Management software, Profit Tools delivers Intermodal Trucking Software solutions that enable customers to streamline operations, increase profit and gain a competitive advantage. The company’s intermodal Transportation Management System software is comprised of industry leading products which provide all the functionality customers need to run and grow their business including automating operations, dispatch, billing and customer service. The Operations Management Platform forms the core of Profit Tools and includes various features such as order management and dispatch, auto-rating, operational reports, and many more. Additionally, Profit Tools modules are available to meet more specific requirements including chassis bill audits, mobile communications, tracking and tracing containers, gate appointments and document transfer.

“We have developed a robust suite of solutions that save customers time and money and enhances their visibility,” says Widell. Profit Tools can deliver information in real-time to the trucking company’s customer that includes logging into a web portal, automatic e-mail updates, and posting data or documents directly into their computer system through EDI software.

Moreover, the company’s Business Intelligence (BI) tool helps trucking companies to gain immediate, actionable insights to analyze equipment, driver utilization and key financial metrics. “Our BI solution enables companies to analyze information quickly and automatically and get a full picture on how their operation is performing including asset utilization, performance, and profitability,” reveals Widell.

Brian Widell, Owner and President, Profit ToolsBrian Widell, Owner and President
Profit Tools has helped many of its clients to bridge the gap between their operations, and the technology systems—assisting them to achieve operational efficiency. For instance, Dependable Highway Express (DHE)— an Intermodal, LessThanTruckload (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) carrier company—realized many benefits after implementing Profit Tools solutions in its intermodal division. “Profit Tools gave us the opportunity to control our costs and maximize profitability,” said Michael Dougan, CFO, and DHE. According to Dougan, Profit Tools has a very well developed wireless integration between their TMS and drivers in the field. This allowed information to be quickly and efficiently disseminated and updated, and real-time documentation such as PODs to be produced. He credits the Profit Tools implementation team for having unparalleled trucking industry knowledge and experience and providing the right transportation management assistance.

“Our innovation process starts with the customer—listening carefully to their problems and proactively working with them to address industry changes,” affirms Widell. Profit Tools is focused on understanding the requirements of the customers and crafting solutions that meet their needs. “We also have a strong commitment with our partners and work aggressively in helping customers leverage additional technologies that integrate with our products seamlessly,” says Widell. Through continued innovation, Profit Tools is working towards unlocking the full power of electronic logging device (ELD) technology further enhancing data visualization technologies for successful planning and real-time decision-making.