Profit Tools: Intermodal and Multi-mode Transportation Redefined

Brian K. Widell, President, Profit ToolsBrian K. Widell, President
The complex realms of intermodal and multi-mode transportation involve “distinct logistics”. Transporters require comprehensive solutions for demystifying intricacies in ITO trucking, container handling, and end-to-end operations. Modern day transportation companies have the requirement to communicate real time information pertaining to shipments and delivery to their customers. Lee, NH based Profit Tools is working toward meeting these ends. The firm leverages the power of mobility, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and analytics to enable companies in this space to fulfill customer requirements and overcoming operational obstacles.

“We are pioneers in introducing cutting-edge technologies to intermodal landscape. We keep pace with customers and substantial industry changes,” states Brian Widell, President, Profit Tools. The leadership at Profit Tools is well aware of market trends like intermodal brokerage and growing preference of transporters for operational independence. The company enables clients to move freight with any combination of drivers, independent contractor drivers, and third party carriers. Profit Tools provides intermodal trucking software solution to enable the clients to perform operations in an automated fashion. “Our solution helps them to perform the operations in an efficient manner and in full compliance with the regulations,” says Widell. The solution captures crucial data-points like proof of delivery (POD), order information, deadlines, and schedules.

The platform anchors subsequent processes like movement rating, calculating the cost of shipment movement on the previously captured data. The web and mobile friendly trucking solution endues customers as well as drivers with visibility into the operations. As the drivers receive real time information on their handheld devices, their dispatch office visits cease to continue.

We want to overcome business and technological challenges for our clients

The intermodal platform proactively monitors the emerging problems and transmits the pertinent information to the service staff. Operation management capabilities, mobile tools, and analytics empower the solution to automate end-to-end processes. Mobile tools play a crucial role in reception of information from the drivers and transmission of the data to the customers in real time, and simplification of electronic data integration process. The product leverages the might of analytics to derive rich insights out of data and helps in monitoring and managing the intermodal operations.

Case in point is M&J Logistics and Eagle Intermodal, which is headquartered in Chicago, IL—managing 170 drivers with operations in several states. The management team of the clients had been experiencing a number of challenges such as running a dynamic operation manually by using T-cards and hand written assignments. The practice had been the genesis of tons of paperwork and barrage of phone calls. Again, the paperwork and the practice of daily manual report generation had become inefficient and time-consuming activity for the clients. After deploying Profit Tools’ intermodal trucking solution, the clients were able to register 15 percent business growth for two consecutive years, 50 percent increase in productivity. “Profit Tools was the perfect solution to streamline all of the company needs,” says Musa Mohammed, CEO, M&J Logistics.

“We create the success stories akin to M&J Logistics and Eagle Intermodal due to our customer orientedness,” informs Widell. “And we take pride in our clientele, which is our companion in our journey since inception.” Profit Tools discerns the client feedback, listens to the technological and operational problems, and offers solutions accordingly. The firms’ future roadmap is in tandem with the business requirements and technological advancements. “At the end of the day, we want to overcome business and technological challenges for our clients,” concludes Widell.