Transwide: Next Generation SaaS TMS Solutions

Modern logistics organizations have to manage the competing objectives of partnering with carriers who can provide consistent and quality service to ensure the timely delivery of materials and product, while constantly seeking to reduce transport spend and operational inefficiencies to reduce cost-of-sale and increase margins. Logistics professionals are increasingly relying on Transportation Management Systems (TMS), which encompass a vast array of functionalities to accomplish these goals.

Often though, TMS solutions can be costly to deploy and fail to provide the carrier collaboration and visibility that they promise. Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services and Transwide, conveys, “We recognized, very early on, the value of the Cloud to connect transport communities and foster a platform that drives collaboration as much as it reduces freight spend and drives operational savings for our customers and extensive carrier network”. Wolters Kluwer Transport Services is a leading logistics IT solutions provider, with a global footprint, offering shippers and carriers solutions for transport procurement, planning, execution and management. Maquignon notes, “Our SaaS business and deployment models enable customers to rapidly deploy and generate an ROI on each freight move. We help CIOs minimize the risk and up-front costs on TMS projects by reducing their IT burden, infrastructure and support costs, while at the same time providing them the scalability, flexibility and nimbleness that even some of the most expensive TMS solutions cannot provide.”

Our TMS platform contains a modular solution suite that enables its users to source, plan, execute, settle and analyze their transportation processes across multiple transport modes and geographies

The company’s collaboration platform permits partners in a logistics network to increase transportation performance through planning, visibility and cost management. Additionally, Transwide TMS provides advanced transportation procurement and settlement solutions that deliver significant cost savings and a competitive edge. “Our TMS platform contains a modular solution suite that enable its users to source, plan, execute, settle and analyze their transportation processes across multiple transport modes and geographies” adds Maquignon.
Fabrice Maquignon, Managing Director, TranswideFabrice Maquignon, Managing Director
“Through our product, we can help close gaps in the transportation cycle by capturing and leveraging logistics and transportation performance data,” notes Maquignon. The application dashboards provide advanced querying and visual reporting capabilities to users by simple point-and-click functionality. The company offers several options to leverage transactional data from the Transwide TMS suite for KPI metrics, business intelligence (BI) and trend analysis.

A division of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, Transwide has been empowering shippers to successfully tackle their transport challenges. In one such instance, Carmeuse, a leading mining and minerals firm, used Transwide in the US, Canada and Western Europe to centralize and standardize logistics operations, capture transport data, and measure their carrier performance, across dozens of plants. They were able to improve their overall customer service levels while reducing the size of their customer service team. Says Maquignon, “We gave them full visibility on their load tendering activities, appointment scheduling and delivery tracking processes.” After implementing the Transwide solution, Carmeuse has been able to efficiently improve their operational and transportation capabilities accordingly.

Transwide provides a full range of implementation, integration and consulting services in conjunction with their software offering. Their logistics domain expertise delivers added-value by helping organizations’ re-engineer their processes and systems to maximize efficiencies and savings potential. With over 15 years of experience, the company is constantly focused on meeting the unique needs of clients to provide solutions, which span their entire transportation cycle. The company’s geographic expansion from Europe and North America into Asia-Pacific and Latin Americahas enabled them to reach more customers globally. “In addition to our geographic growth we plan to continue our investment in technology, and to look for other expansion opportunities” concludes Maquignon.