Transwide: Streamlining Transportation Process and Cost

Elie Hiller, Director, Sales & Marketing, North America, TranswideElie Hiller, Director, Sales & Marketing, North America
Since 2000, when Transwide entered the logistics IT solutions arena, it has been relentlessly pursuing its vision of a global, modular Transport Management Software (“TMS”) solution offering. As an early adopter of cloud-based technology to facilitate logistics processes and dialogue, Transwide specializes in creating and managing collaborative platforms for shippers and their logistics partners to connect, communicate, and transact with one another. Elie Hiller, Director of Sales and Marketing for North America at Transwide, elaborates on the uniqueness of the Transwide TMS solution: “Customers can select the functional components they require and ‘snap them together like Lego Blocks,’ to create the perfect-fit TMS, and then pay-as-they-go and only for the solutions they need and use.” The solution and business model provide customers the flexibility to deploy new functionality as they grow and expand their geographic footprint.

Transwide provides easy-to-use solutions for transportation procurement, planning, execution, and settlement that streamline processes and reduce cost throughout the transportation cycle. “Our customers count on us to provide quick access and accurate information about the capacity of their carriers, opportunities to optimize costs, and real-time visibility for each freight move,” says Hiller. “Our job is to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution framework for customers to optimize their logistics operations while catering to their unique workflow challenges, business practices, and IT philosophies.”

The company recently enhanced its TMS by increasing the number of options to capture and share information, especially when it comes to tracking the inbound and outbound freight moves.

“A TMS can help shippers gain increased visibility into shipment status and controlling costs, but this is often dependent on the adoption by the carriers, and, therefore, the ease-of-use and efficiency for the carriers who use it,” states Hiller. Transwide TMS provides carriers a variety of options, including mobile apps for drivers and live vehicle tracking for carriers to update shipment milestone status, vehicle location, ETA and other valuable information in real time, increasing the speed, frequency, and quality of shippers’ visibility to their loads. Transwide also offers a new mobile app for drivers to respond to spot quote and bid requests from Transwide TMS shippers, allowing shippers to source, decide, and select carriers to take advantage of spot market rates and possible backhaul opportunities.

Hiller highlights Transwide’s ability to enable their customers to leverage transactional and historical data throughout the transportation cycle. “We have customers who approached us initially for a basic TMS package, driven by their need to centralize and organize their transport execution and data; and within weeks they have better control on ‘who-how-where’ they spend their transportation budget. These clients are now leveraging the data they have collected to improve their processes and reduce their freight spend.” For instance, shipment execution and freight invoice data can be utilized when creating Requests for Proposals (RFP) and analyzing the responses through the Transwide TMS transport procurement solution. Additionally, Transwide’s supplier relationship management (“SRM”) functionality gives clients an added advantage of sourcing providers from a vast global community of carriers, brokers, forwarders, and other logistics partners. “Customers can search, filter, and ultimately source the suppliers that meet their unique criteria to participate in each RFP or spot bid exercise,” states Hiller.

With its global presence, and offices on 4 continents, Transwide offers, implements, and supports a truly worldwide TMS solution for companies looking to centralize and harmonize their transport and logistics operations. Transwide continues to invest in developing and enhancing its solutions, with a focus on improving a shipper’s ability to dynamically leverage the data that their TMS is capturing or generating. Concludes Hiller, “We are constantly working toward helping our shippers make quicker and more informed decisions so that they can service their customers more proactively.”