Unifaun: Connected TMS Delivering Visibility and Control, in the Cloud

Marcus Jarde, Chief Product Officer, UnifaunMarcus Jarde, Chief Product Officer
Managing high volumes of full liner terms (FLT) shipments can be a cumbersome task without the existence of an efficient transportation management system. A European company with multiple manufacturing sites realized it when they had complex inbound shipping needs with the condition of changing the carriers on a frequent basis in existence of an active sourcing strategy. With more than a hundred different pre-approved carriers that they were constantly optimizing and re-allocating routes to, the task did seem uphill until they decided to associate with Unifaun to find a solution. A provider of connected execution-centric transportation management system (TMS)—that provides visibility and control in the cloud instantly—offered the desired help to the manufacturing company.

Integrating its TMS with the order management system of the customer, Unifaun helped the client in finding the right carrier and streamlining the purchase order process. With its execution-centric approach and pre-built connections with the carriers, the company allowed the customer to avail both its s h ipp e r- d e f i n e d services and best-in-class connections with hundreds of carriers. Unifaun has a vast library of readymade, high-quality carrier connections that allowed the customer to connect with the carrier as per their requirements. “We have the ability to execute the clients’ strategy even if they change their carriers frequently,” mentions Marcus Jarde, Chief Product Officer at Unifaun.

Sweden-based Unifaun has delivered numerous such capabilities to a vast client base assuring operational savings and reduced freight cost. From booking shipments, printing freight documents, following up on shipment status, reviewing invoices to viewing other details concerning the shipments, the company’s connected TMS is capable of managing every aspect of shipment. It allows the carriers to confirm the shipment booking within a certain time frame. After the booking is confirmed, the system also enables the end users to track their shipment before and after delivery.

Johan Hellman, Head of Professional Services, UnifaunJohan Hellman, Head of Professional Services
Uniquely positioned in the transport management space, Unifaun’s TMS in the cloud, assures the customers of instant visibility and control into the entire shipment process. Built in the cloud, TMS does not require heavy local installations, unlike other solutions that are partly in the cloud. The connected TMS comes with a pre-built connectivity engine that facilitates communication between carriers and shippers. “Connectivity is the central part of the offering. Visibility is something that we deliver to our customers—both carriers and shippers,” says Johan Hellman, Head of Professional Services, Unifaun. The connectivity aspect remains significant for Unifaun as it sets the company apart from other TMS vendors in the market. With the integration of APIs and user interface, TMS can be used as a black box solution. The visual data analytics of TMS is built on Qlik Sense technology, therefore enabling customers to visualize their shipment data in a clear and efficient way.

“We deliver value at five different levels; right from operational efficiency, freight cost reduction, inventory reduction, redesigning supply chain to greater revenue,” adds Hellman. The company adopts a solution-driven approach, develops an understanding of the customers’ pain points, and accordingly proposes a solution based on the aforementioned levels. Unifaun’s team of implementation experts further ensures rapid and efficient implementation.

With a strong operations team that continuously develops and improves the system, Unifaun carries out all the research and development within the organization. Although undertaking in-house development in Sweden remains an expensive affair, Unifaun considers it as a great advantage in order to be agile and quick. The company has continuously been working toward its vision of offering the best to the clients and seeks to grow with them, carrying its legacy of delivering visibility and control in the cloud instantly with its connected TMS.

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