Wolters Kluwer Transport Services: Transforming Data to Help Manage Your Transportation

Elie Hiller, Director, Sales & Marketing, North America, Wolters Kluwer Transport ServicesElie Hiller, Director, Sales & Marketing, North America
More and more, logistics professionals are viewing the movement of information as critically as the actual movement of their goods. Wolters Kluwer Transport Services (WKTS) continues to be a leading facilitator of this logistics data revolution by offering cloud-based solutions that act as platforms for shippers and their logistics partners to connect, communicate and collaborate with one another.

Their Transwide TMS provides a modular offering of transportation sourcing, planning, execution, and settlement solutions that streamlines processes and reduces cost throughout the transportation cycle. “Our customers count on us to provide quick access and accurate information about their transport orders, the capacity of their carriers, the opportunities to optimize their transport plans and the costs that are associated with those freight moves,” says Elie Hiller, Director of Sales and Marketing for WKTS in North America. “Our job is to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution framework for each of our customers to optimize their logistics operations while catering to their unique workflow challenges, business practices, and IT philosophies.”

One of the keys, says Hiller, is the leveraging of transactional data across functional modules. For instance, Transwide TMS enables shippers to collect shipment execution and freight invoice data and utilize this information when creating and analyzing RFPs through the Transwide TMS procurement solution. “We see customers who approached us initially, for a basic TMS package, driven by their need to centralize and aggregate their transport orders, and get a better handle on ‘who-how-where’ they are spending their transportation budget, who are now taking the next step of leveraging the data they have collected to improve their process and reduce their freight spend.” Additionally, Transwide TMS customers can leverage the vast community of carriers, brokers, forwarders and other logistics partners to search, filter, and ultimately source the suppliers that meet their unique criteria to participate in each RFP or spot bid exercise. The key is the WKTS Community Manager that aggregates logistics partner data across both its Transwide TMS and Teleroute Freight Exchange platforms, potentially exposing shippers to more than 33,000 logistics providers globally.

Our customers count on us to provide quick access and accurate information about their transport orders

Hiller points out that it’s the unique combination of technology, functionality and Wolters Kluwer Transport Services’ global footprint that helps differentiate the value proposition of Transwide TMS for their customers. With sales and operations offices in New York, Brussels, Shanghai and São Paulo, WKTS can implement and support a truly global TMS solution for multi-national companies looking to centralize and harmonize their transport and logistics operations. Indeed, with two new customers rolling out Transwide TMS to multiple sites across Africa, WKTS can now claim customers across 6 of the 7 continents. Hiller jokes, “While we offer solutions for the cold chain, we’re still searching for our first client on Antarctica.”

The company is continuously investing in the expansion of its solution offering and geographic footprint. “Over the past 12 months, we have introduced several new supplier relationship management (“SRM”) tools to streamline the sourcing and procurement of transport and logistics services,” says Hiller. “And we’ve added new data visualization tools to our reporting options as well.” Hiller adds that 2017 will usher in a powerful new route optimization engine and expanded track and trace functionality to the Transwide TMS suite. A recently released mobile app for drivers to field and respond to spot quote and bid requests from Transwide TMS shippers heralds other forthcoming development to streamline the way shippers and carriers go about their daily interaction with one another. “Around the clock and around the globe, we are driven to help our shipper and carrier collaboratively navigate the road to success,” concludes Hiller.