Youredi: Delivering Clean and Real-Time Data

Dean Baxter, CRO, YourediDean Baxter, CRO
The growing digitization footprint in supply chains has led to data being processed in multiple formats, structures, and standards. Moreover, the ever-increasing demand for real-time supply chain visibility has prompted freight and logistics companies to develop advanced tracking features powered by analytics. “If we are looking to optimize supply chains for greater efficiency, the key is getting clean and timely data,” says Dean Baxter, an expert in supply chain operations. As the Chief Revenue Officer of Youredi—a trusted partner for all things Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)—Baxter says, “The biggest benefit we bring is the automatic cleaning of data using machine-to-machine (M2M), IoT, and robotics to streamline data in different parts of the supply chain.” Through its multi-tenant cloud platform delivered on a pay-as-you-use basis, Youredi has assisted several companies tide over the data integration challenges across the B2B supply chain.

Youredi, an integration platform-as-a-service, provides adapter technologies for establishing connections between different carriers in various modes to facilitate direct transactions between shipment and third party logistics companies with their customers. These connections established in the cloud, save companies the trouble of managing integrations and changes at their premises. The ability of the platform enables work with multiple data formats such as the old (EDI) and new (JSON and XML) and translate it into the format requested by users is much sought after. “The translation feature is enabled by libraries built into the platform and provides a cost-effective integration solution to combat disparate data formats used by different carriers and suppliers. This also gives clients the required speed and flexibility to remain competitive,” says Baxter.

Youredi provides support for processing data from IoT and M2M systems that may be a part of the supply chain.

The biggest benefit we bring is the automatic cleaning of data using M2M, IoT, and robotics to streamline data through different parts in the supply chain

Chatbots—an important backend feature—integrates different sources of information using algorithms to deliver the requested information to users in the format they are accustomed to. Youredi platform provides the end-to-end support needed to gain visibility into the translation, transformation, and transportation of supply chain data, within various processes such as order booking, invoice generation, shipping instructions, or air waybill. “Customers can monitor the performance at each stage of the supply chain through analytics,” adds Baxter.

The data translation features of Youredi are leveraged by several firms, focusing on major ocean shipments to provide real-time information on containers and their estimated time of arrival, among other parameters. The data pertaining to these parameters is obtained in the EDI format and converted into newer formats like XML by Youredi. Further, clients also get to enrich the data within their own transport management systems, as the platform automatically pulls and converts the EDI data and feeds it back through the gateway. Currently, Youredi is processing several thousand transactions for companies in the airline cargo sector as well, to translate data into the format necessary for their systems—eliminating the overheads associated with time and efforts in data processing.

The feature-rich Youredi platform has paved the way for the company to be recognized by Gartner on multiple occasions. Baxter further intends to broaden the scope of Youredi by entering the retail, transport, and logistics segments as well. “To help customers with the platform better, we also provide 24/7 global support,” states Baxter. The company has also initiated talks with a global retailer to build an optimized and integrated supply chain. Striding forward, Youredi is focused on connecting different marketplaces across verticals to raise the standards of data processing and interchange.