Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers - 2018

By up scaling global trade and logistics, Transport Management System (TMS) has gained significant traction in today’s world. From quoting to delivery, freight transport is capable of revamping itself with sophisticated technologies to elevate the TMS landscape. Also, greatly enabling the supply chain network by monitoring data in real-time and promoting visibility of inventories, TMS is striking a balance between the ERP and the distribution centers.

As a result of embracing cloud-based TMS, shipping companies have distanced themselves from complicated and expensive servers. This incorporation has eased the capturing of real-time information enabling shippers with higher performance and better decision-making capabilities. Further, capacity monitoring is enhanced substantially with the introduction of blockchain in TMS. All of the information regarding the cargo volumes and shipping cost deduced through IoT sensors and big data is stored for futuristic purposes such as the self-execution of payments. In addition, delivering packages assisted by a drone within a certain radius of distance is the new approach in the transportation industry.

With the integration of mobile phones, GPS satellites, 3D printers, big data and artificial intelligence, TMS is forecasting a breakthrough logistics platform. With the significance attached to the shipping of goods, and its pivotal role in the global economy, faster and efficient TMS are in demand.

Considering the above, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and industry analysts including the Logistics Tech Outlook’s editorial board has charted out top 10 companies offering transport management solutions. These companies offer powerful solutions coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field.

We present to you “Top 10 Transport Management Solution Providers – 2018”

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Axis TMS Axis TMS Pro aims to satisfy the real-world needs of running a trucking business proficiently through powerful tools that range from Dispatch, Billing, Payroll, Driver App, IFTA, and ELD Integration
ETA Transit Systems Offers an enterprise-class fleet management solution that provides automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer-aided dispatch (CAD), and passenger information display systems (PIDS)
Ezlogz Provides an all-in-one logistics platform based on blockchain technology along with a tamper-free ELD for fleet management
GetSwift GetSwift is a cloud based solution that solves the major pain points in delivery, particularly in the food and heavy goods delivery space
Johanson Transportation Service Offers customized frieght solutions including dry and temperature controlled truckload and comprehensive importing/expoprting solutions with one point of contact
Maven Machines Unlocks opportunity and value for a wide range of transportation use cases through the fusion of IoT sensors and devices, machine learning, and cloud computing
Propel TMS ATMS package designed from the ground up to promote back-office support with a unified interface
Transfix Improving the lives of shippers and carriers by creating a more efficient platform that can move any product from and to anywhere at anytime
Unifaun Provides transportation management system to handle customers' shipments regardless of the carriers they use
Youredi Provides an integration as platform-as-a-service to optimize supply chain operations